Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Why the Supreme Court re-criminalized Sodomy

Back when International calls first became cheap, I occasionally gave into the temptation to ring up Indian Embassies and Ministries pretending to be Rahul Baba. 'Tell Mummy to legalize sodomy or I won't come back' was the gist of my otherwise unintelligible remarks.
I don't know whether my drunken antics played a part in the decriminalization of butt sex back in 2009, but I'm sure that I am somehow responsible for the recent Supreme Court Judgement reversing the Delhi High Court.
How so, you may ask?
Well, the fact is, I've recently taken to editing Wikipedia entries (which Indian Supreme Court Judges, since Katju, quote as an unimpeachable source in their Judgments) in a manner which links Section 377 to the ancient Common Law practice of inserting a red hot poker up Supreme Court assholes found guilty of sexual harassment.
So now you know.
Will Rahul Baba still be the Congress Prime Ministerial candidate?
Sure. Why not? There is no office in the land he is not fit to hold because his rectum is already adequately insulated with the likes of that slimy Manish Tiwari or dildo shaped Digvijay Singh...

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