Monday, 19 May 2014

Faith based approach to Sex Education

Is Sex Education in Schools necessarily incompatible, as Shri Dinanath Batra has argued, with the proper inculcation of Hindutva values? More generally, what should be the focus of Faith based approaches to Sex Education?
It is facile to answer that Abstinence is the key virtue we need to promote. I don't deny that Abstinence is part of Sacrifice which is the essence of Hinduism. However, we can't ignore the fact that, in a Democracy, Demographics matters.
Can we afford to let our Community be reduced to a minority by the incessant baby birthing of them Godless whores wot shamelessly flaunt themselves in their pornographic Middle School uniforms?
Thus, in my opinion, it is Fidelity, not Abstinence, which Faith Based Sex Education should inculcate. Nowadays Sexual Pleasure has become completely disassociated with Fidelity and Commitment. In my day, even if a person had a string of girl friends and two or three failed marriages, still we remained faithful to our teen-age porn stash. Nowadays, people switch porn site mid stroke. Which, at my age, is a good way of getting a stroke. I mean, I said 'Sunny Leone video' but Google Voice Recognition gave me  'funny Lion video'. Hence Govt. should support Sri Dinanath Batra's initiative to give proper Sex Education not just for Cabinet but Aam Aaadmi also.

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