Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tarun Tejpal was raped by BJP goons.

I am not saying Narendra Modi personally molested Tarun in a lift. Nor is Tejpal- yet. What is undeniable is that the hydra headed monster of Hindutva, allied with the Feminist Taliban, raped Tejpal and sent him into a 'shame spiral' such that he started to blame himself and began Emailing all and sundry apologizing for his provocative pony tail and beard which caused a young journalist to force him to perform oral sex upon her in a lift.
In the old days, the khap panchayat would have compelled her to marry her victim so as to restore his 'izzat' and it was probably only to arrange something of that sort that his people contacted her family. But, nowadays, us middle aged men are considered as just 'piece of meat', nothing more. Nobody has even mentioned that it is a violation of mandatory Health and Safety procedures, if not International Human Rights, that Tejpal was raped by Hindutva Feminists who also cut open his belly and dragged out a fetus and then raped the fetus before ripping open its belly and raping its fetus.
I have conducted a sting operation which proves this to the hilt.
Here is the transcript-
Vivek Iyer- Some call you Babu Bajrang, others refer to you as the Hindu Hitler- why did you rape and cut open the belly of Tarun Tejpal, dragging out a fetus which you also raped and then cut a fetus out of? Say Miaow if your answer is 'Modi ordered me to do it. President Obama and his bibi Netanyahu were also present and laughing evilly and making snide remarks about how Secularism is like totally gay.'
Neighbor's cat- Miaow
Vivek Iyer- Okay. Have some milk. Tomorrow, Asaram.

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