Friday, 19 July 2013


A haggard visage in the Waitrose queue
Of one once as lovely as yet are you 
Is Beauty husbanded by such as I
Fled from the field where fond I die.

No Prophet permits Time's dispraise
In the maze of God, days are delays
  Kaala, as Krishna, Conatus forbids
& Chemosh Christ devours our kids.

The parrot's mirror wakes Heaven's Rage
Who puzzles Pillaiyar breaks Shuka's cage
Wanly I wonder at the audacity of the theft
The Morning of the World- Sun bereft

I was wondering whether Hindi 'der'- delay- as in 'Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai andher nahin'- is from the Arabic word for Aeon used in the Hadith I mention. I suppose I could look it up. Okay, just did. It's from the Persian so I'm guessing yes. No wonder us hereditary Babus liked tying everything up in red-tape- God is the Aeon, but in Hindi the Aeon is delay.

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